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*roblox is upgrading* IT'S BEEN 1 FUCKING HOUR HURRY UPPP
I got lazy with the coloring but this is a mary sue oc i made a long time ago... before i made a dA. it was a sonic mary sue, I can't find the page where her name was (im guessing I did not have a name for her) on her personality sheet I wrote "she get's fought over by Sonic and Shadow" srly... wtf was i thing when i made this.. I think made her when I first heard about OCs or I browsed dA and thought Sonic Ocs were the best (if that makes sense). I made her in my style ;/ Her Jasper Radar Is Going Off The Charts! feel free to hate :)
Gift for fnafangirl

(y/n)= Your Name
(f/c)= favorite color

You were walking around Snowdin talking to monsters that lived there. When you were talking to monster kid your phone rang "Ring Ring!" "Oh my phone is ringing, I will be right back!" You say to monster kid. You went behind a tree so nobody could hear you. "Hello, who is this" You ask "It's me the great Papyrus" The caller said. "Oh hey Papyrus what do you need?" You ask. "Can you help me make some spaghetti?" Papyrus asked and then ended the call. You head back where Monster Kid is and say "Papyrus needs me, I have to go" Monster Kid replies with "Oh okay!". When you got there Papyrus was waiting right infront of the door. "Hey Papyrus." You said "Hi (y/n)" Papyrus replies with. When you and Papyrus got inside he lead you to the kitchen. Papyrus put on an apron that said "kiss the cook". "soo... What type of spaghetti are we making" you ask "The casual. The one with noodles and sau-" "Don't worry i already know what the casual spaghetti is" You interrupted Papyrus. You turned the oven on and you put on the right temprature. Papyrus got out the noodles and the tomato sauce. You grabbed a pan and put it on the stove, Papyrus gives you the noodles and you put all the noodles in the pan. 

Smol time skip
"Papyrus can yo-" Papyrus spills the tomato blush all over your (f/c) sweater. "I'm so sorry" Papyrus says "Uhm Papyrus do you have anything to clean my sweater with???" You ask "Can't you just take off your sweater?" Papyrus asks. You blushed like crazy "A-are you crazy!?!" You said "All I have is a bra underneath!!!" Papyrus blushed 'Oh my gosh Papyrus is so cute when he blushes' You thought "Can't you just take your sweater anyways???" Papyrus asks "Fine." You say blushing as you take off your sweater. 'Did he spill tomato sauce on me on purpose?' You think "Hey (y/n) I got an apron for you, sorry for not getting you one earlier." Papyrus says while giving you and apron. "It's okay." you say while putting on the apron, and then kissed Papyrus on the cheek. "Nyehhhh!" Papyrus squeaked while blushing.
Time skip after making le spaghetti
"Hey uhm (y/n) I have something to tell you" Papyrus says while blushing. "huh what is it?" You ask. "I-I always uhm had a... I'VE ALWAYS HAD A CRUSH ON YOU" Papyrus yells "I do also" You say quietly and you kissed Papyrus.



I can't draw shit on computer.


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